Innovative design turns heads and sets pulses racing. Iconic design creates instant recognition - and envy. Sophisticated design says so much in a language all its own. Design matters for all these reasons and more. And our Design teams know how to create an impact and make a statement.

Luxury, meticulous attention to detail and the finest craftsmanship have and always will be hallmarks of our brand. But there’s a revolution coming, bringing together design and technology to create the next generation of must-have vehicles: Automated Connected Electrified Shared vehicles.

For the first time, the design teams for Jaguar and Land Rover are now located in the same building with the opening of the brand new Advanced Product Creation Centre which includes the new Jaguar design studio.

Some of our teams

Creative Design

The exterior designers create the exterior concepts for our vehicles and are responsible for all aspects of the exterior design, including the approval of the A Surfaces for production tooling. They visualise their ideas using a range of tools including sketches, CAD drawings and physical models which can be hard modelled or in clay. Exterior designers are specific to each brand.

The Interior designers create the concepts and guide the development of all visible interior components through to the completed production parts. They visualise their ideas using a range of tools including sketches, CAD drawings and physical models. Interior designers are specific to each brand.

The colour & materials designers curate the look and feel of our vehicles through materials such as exterior paint palette, seat trims etc. by specifying all materials and finishes found on the exterior and interior of the vehicles. Colour and Materials designers are specific to each brand.

DVA use the same software as the film makers in Avatar to produce high quality moving animations or still renders. These are used in senior review to communicate the design intent, and also outside the business to promote our vehicles.

Clay Modelling is a highly creative department sculpting physical solution from digital material and 2D ideation. The developed clay concept provides high quality models for presentation in achieving design gateways, Board Reviews and other various high level Design reviews.

CAS - Digital Design is a highly creative department working within the virtual world that provides high level 3D digital solution to 2D ideation. The developed digital concept provides the support for virtual and physical properties used for presentation material in achieving design gateways, Board Reviews and other various high level Design reviews throughout the wider business.

Technical Design

This team uses 3D CAD data to assemble individual components into assemblies to check everything fits together correctly. They orchestrate the technical support to ensure alignment between Engineering and Design.

The cubing team produce accurate data validation models e.g. FeasCubes and FunctionCubes that are used for major appearance approval gateways. Importantly, these models verify the A-class surface releases for manufacturing feasibility.

This team constructs technical production standard A-Class CAD data which accommodates engineering and manufacturing requirements whilst protecting the original design intent. Team is split into exterior and interior specialists.

Operations Design

Responsible for planning and budgeting all studio resources, including headcount, studio capacity and outsourcing. Responsible for all studio spend.

DMO makes all the individual prototype components that are needed to make a full model. Most is done in house by a skilled team of trimmers, painters, model makers, wood workers and CNC operators.

The 3D scanning team use non-contact scanning methods to scan clay models to create a full digital profile of all the surfaces.

This team ensures that the design vision for every programme is defined and communicated throughout the business, and that all disconnects are identified and driven forward to acceptable resolutions at the appropriate time.

This operational team keeps the studio running smoothly, including setting up the studio for reviews, providing internal transportation, and model storage.


Earl joined JLR 24 years ago after winning a scholarship provided by JLR to study at the Royal College of Art in London for a master’s degree in Vehicle Design. Prior to that he had studied on the award-winning Automotive and Transport Design BA (Hons) course at Coventry University.

Earl’s many accolades include leading the exterior design for the Freelander 2, and more recently the Jaguar XF Sportbrake. To date Earl is the only designer who has designed both the exterior and interior of a vehicle.

When asked about his perspective on design Earl commented; “being a designer from an African-Caribbean background brings more diversity to the design team and allows car design to be viewed from a broader cultural perspective.”

Earl also lends his unique expertise to our REACH (race, ethnicity and cultural heritage) network as the Communications Lead. Our diversity networks further demonstrate our commitment to create a more inclusive culture at JLR. The REACH network hosts a series of Lunch & Learn events throughout the year on a range of culturally specific topics to help people from across the business to become better allies for our under-represented groups.


We are building a JLR Learning Academy; a home for lifelong learning. We are creating engaging, relevant and personalised learning content and experiences that can impact personal, team and organisational performance.

It is essential people are curious about things and take their own development seriously in order to be better equipped to move into different roles, projects or careers. The value of our people lies in their continued development and in our commitment to invest in their learning and growth in order that they can optimise their performance, whatever their role.

An essential ingredient in our success is the creation of an environment where managers actively share what they are learning and encourage others to grow and stretch and where they coach and mentor others to maximise their team's performance and continued growth. Through the JLR Learning Academy we are seeking to enable people to learn, create, grow and to support others to do the same; daring each other to embrace the changes and the challenges we face and ensure our future is bright

Meet some of the team


Design Engineer

“With self-driving vehicles becoming a reality, we’ll be looking at how people will make the most of their time in the car. My job is to continue to design cars that create experiences that customers love.””

As strange as this sounds, I didn’t know much about the world of engineering until a group of JLR apprentices came into my school to talk about what they do. I was amazed that engineering was really suited to my skillset. And I realised that creative thinking and problem solving are exactly what is needed to do well as an apprentice here. I’ve been here three years now, working as a Design Engineer, and it has been harder than I thought, but the support is incredible. And the network of other apprentices is huge. There’s always someone who will listen to you and so many people you can learn from.


Surface Designer

When I joined, my first weeks were spent on a training course in specialised surface modelling software, getting a vital understanding of the software in order to work on the Class A models being produced. After many lectures, tutorials and exercises over 3 months, I joined production surfacing and worked as part of the interior team.

I’ve worked on projects such as innovating pieces for trim for a new production car, and updating a car in production, from making minor adjustments to entire rebuilds. The best thing has been the skills and experience I’ve gained. I’d had so much training and investment, support from my manager and colleagues and actually been able to see my work in the actual cars.


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Job Title Location Sort descending Salary
Launch Visualisation Imagery Manager
Launch Visualisation Imagery Manager Gaydon, GB Competitive 8 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB Competitive
Lead Product Designer, Brand
Lead Product Designer, Brand Gaydon, GB Competitive 9 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB Competitive
CG Artist
CG Artist Gaydon, GB Competitive 8 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB Competitive
Clay Sculptor
Clay Sculptor Gaydon, GB Competitive 9 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB Competitive
Lead Programme Planner
Lead Programme Planner Gaydon, GB Competitive 9 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB Competitive
Senior Lead CGI Artist
Senior Lead CGI Artist Gaydon, GB Competitive 19 Jun 2024
Gaydon, GB Competitive
Senior Kinematics & Design Engineer
Senior Kinematics & Design Engineer Gaydon, GB £42,000 - £60,000 11 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB £42,000 - £60,000

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