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The sheer size and scope of our operations, and the scale of our ambitions, mean we have opportunities for almost every kind of professional, across our business and around the world. In Legal and Property, HR and Marketing, Assurance and IT, to name just a few, our specialists are supported to grow, develop and achieve their potential, then look ahead to see what else they can achieve. Our world continues to evolve in an exciting and dynamic industry that’s changing fast, so there’s always something new to learn if you share our drive.

Some of our teams


Our Audit & Compliance teams look after risk management, governance and internal control processes so our Audit Committee can balance the books.

Group compliance helps to protect JLR’s brands and reputation by driving ethical and compliant business behaviour. We are a responsible business that aims to do the right thing for our customers, our communities, our people, shareholders and stakeholders.

Corporate audit provides independent assurance and advisory services to management, the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our business. Our guiding principles include audit excellence as the number one priority, with an uncompromising commitment to independence and integrity.

Corporate Security and Business Protection:

Our team’s vision is to Protect the Future of JLR:

Our Security and Emergency Operations team are skilled in Security, Medical, Fire and Environmental emergency response to protect our teams and facilities if the worst should happen. We also offer proactive services in this space ensuring that our workplaces are safe and secure.

Global Protection incorporates prototype security, corporate investigations as well as JLR event support offering a truly bespoke service to protect our products throughout their whole lifecycle.

Organisational Resilience provide Risk management, Incident management training, Business Continuity planning as well as looking after our Protective Infrastructure estate. The team support our existing assets such as fire alarms, CCTV and Access Control readers as well as working with Property teams to deploy the best technology in future developments.

Corporate Security Operations Centre looks after our supplier management framework, Change and Governance, Digital and data development as well as our Operational training.

Finance and Accountancy

The team controls and reports on all income and spend for each business area. It develops corporate financial strategy and deals with consolidation and management reporting of corporate financial data, accounting and cash management, financial controls, and tax management.

Most importantly, Finance gets behind the business and gives it the clout to do what we want, how we want to do it. Working at the heart of our organisation, Finance helps to fuel our growth on a global scale. So decisions made here have impact.

Human Resources

People are and always will be the driving force that make us who we are. Sourcing, attracting, retaining and rewarding these exceptional talents is the job of HR. As we continue to evolve, opportunities in HR do too, offering career paths that are as broad and as stimulating as any you are likely to experience.

Whether you’re devising bespoke training programmes for our diverse workforce, honing their skills or seeking out those with the next generation knowhow to take us to places we’ve never gone before, you’ll do it with the professionalism and insight that underpin our brand.

Our team is made up of Business Partners, Centres of Expertise and the Shared Service Centre.

Information Technology

Yesterday we were a manufacturing/engineering company. Tomorrow we’ll be a technology-led business, capable of delivering the digital experience our customers demand. This means IT – and people with a solid tech background – have a key part to play in our transformation.

As our vehicles continue to evolve into complete digital ecosystems with more compelling, engaging customer experiences, it’s creating opportunities for people with the right attitude and approach who see the world differently and can bring a fresh perspective. Ours is an agile environment where we’re fearless in challenging the norm.


Legal Affairs look after corporate governance, protection of intellectual property and the development of commercial contracts, ensure compliance with any legal requirements and pre-empt and defend legal challenges.

Risk and Compliance help us adhere to relevant laws and regulations, while ensuring ethical and proper principles are embedded within the business. The Patents team work closely with our people in R&D to identify and evaluate inventions before preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications in the UK and overseas, and support the eventual commercialisation of the patent portfolio.

Audits cover operational, commercial, compliance, and financial controls, providing assurance that the business is operating in a controlled and ethical manner, meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

Marketing and Communications

Our recently formed Global Commercial Function is organised into five core functions: Customer Experience, Product Marketing, Market Performance, Customer Service and Planning.

Product Marketing Communications and Experiential Marketing articulate what our brands stand for to an ever-growing global audience, reaching out in new ways to surprise and disrupt while remaining true to the core values that give each its distinct personality.

Product PR works to enhance and promote our brand while safeguarding and maintaining our invaluable reputation. PR also supports and presents our leadership team and promotes our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and takes charge of government affairs.


Our Property team capably delivers our ambitious growth plans across the globe. The team is structured around the property lifecycle:

Acquisition is in the hands of the Strategy & Corporate Real Estate team who support our growth aspirations, anticipate post-2020 property needs and carry out all property transactions and Landlord & Tenant relationships.

Development and Delivery is looked after by the Programmes team who manage the development and delivery of our transformational new non-manufacturing buildings and infrastructure across the full programme lifecycle.

Use is managed by the Estates Management team. Managing facilities in-life, they also manage and deliver on-site services for our colleagues.


Creating globally renowned vehicles in a class of their own means applying a quality mindset at every stage of a product’s lifecycle. Design. Engineering. Manufacturing. Customer Service. Nothing is left to chance. This degree of diligence relies on our ability to use key metrics and advanced problem-solving techniques to fine tune our processes, products and customer service quality levels.

So there are a wide range of areas you can specialise in: Quality Engineering; Quality Assurance; Quality Operations; Quality Powertrain; Quality Strategy; and Product Compliance. Together you’ll maintain our reputation in the marketplace by developing invaluable relationships with our suppliers and creating inspired processes that deliver time and time again.


The JLR Global Purchasing team performs an integral role in a truly global automotive business. The team is responsible for the development of our industry-leading vehicles and the procurement of key products and services that add value to our business. Global Purchasing takes the lead in key strategic decisions, forging robust supplier relationships that have a significant impact on our ability to produce products to the premium quality our customers expect. This means making every penny we spend each year count towards the value we deliver in a highly competitive marketplace.

The Global Purchasing team is now well over 1,300 strong managing suppliers from vast global markets with offices in the UK, China, India, Slovakia, Austria, Brazil, Hungary and the USA.

Meticulous attention to detail and incisive negotiation skills are deployed on our behalf with scrupulous corporate social responsibility in mind. As we shift our manufacturing output to focus on JLR’s Re-Imagine strategy - the scope to influence our future – while developing your own – has never been greater.

Our teams within Global Purchasing play an important part in ensuring customers receive a product which exceeds their expectations whilst also delivering value to the business. To achieve this we consider Quality, Cost, Delivery, Innovation and Sustainability as measures of the value it has influence over, carefully balancing and considering these in its decision-making processes.

JLR's Re-imagine strategy places sustainability at the centre of everything we do. The transition to battery electric vehicles will create even more focus on production and supply chain sustainability. As a member of our Global Purchasing team, your role in driving sustainable procurement practices and behaviours throughout our supply chain will be critical to the future success of our business.

Diversity and Inclusion is key to the future of our Global Purchasing function. Our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to being a function that fosters and encourages a diverse and inclusive culture, representative of our global customers.


JLR's Team Improvement Circle programme (TIC) celebrates positive team effort, combined success and TIC journey of problem solving and personal development to enable our employees and Jaguar Land Rover to continually improve.

TIC is now in its fifth year having being rolled out across the UK, China, India, Brazil and Slovakia. In 2018/19 over 600 Circles from across our global regions successfully completed a TIC theme highlighting the ‘can do’ attitude of our people to make a positive difference to their local areas.

Trevor Leeks, Halewood Operations Director and the TIC Chairperson shared why he supports and values TIC. "I’m passionate about TIC as it enables people to develop personally and professionally. It provides a sense of purpose and a targeted process to support common goals cross-functionally. As a result we’ve seen real change which benefits individuals, teams, work areas and the business. TIC is an incredibly powerful tool to drive change in the business. It plays a crucial role in enabling targeted and focused collaboration, supporting efficiency and building confidence in processes, tools, systems and people".


We have launched the JLR Learning Academy; a home for lifelong learning. We are creating engaging, relevant and personalised learning content and experiences that can impact personal, team and organisational performance.

It is essential people are curious about things and take their own development seriously in order to be better equipped to move into different roles, projects or careers. The value of our people lies in their continued development and in our commitment to invest in their learning and growth in order that they can optimise their performance, whatever their role.

An essential ingredient in our success is the creation of an environment where managers actively share what they are learning and encourage others to grow and stretch and where they coach and mentor others to maximise their team's performance and continued growth. Through the JLR Learning Academy we are seeking to enable people to learn, create, grow and to support others to do the same; daring each other to embrace the changes and the challenges we face and ensure our future is bright

Current opportunities

<h1 style="font-size: 20px;font-family: custom05e3c91957d24f1cbbafb; fontalign-center" class="h3 fontcolorb6a533a1 fontalign-center">JLR JOB SEARCH</h1> <b><h class="keyword-title" style="font-size: 20px;font-family: customc4eb607da2304493863e8; fontalign-center"> At the moment this job search page does not cover all our locations, but does include many of our global vacancies. To find information on jobs in any of our other locations you may find a link in our locations page or from your local Jaguar or Land Rover retail website.</h1></b> "". Page 1 of 1, Results 1 to 14 of 14
Job Title Location Salary
Deputy Occupational Health Advisor
Deputy Occupational Health Advisor Coventry, GB £40,000 - £44,000 12 Jul 2024
Coventry, GB £40,000 - £44,000
Brand Identity Specialist
Brand Identity Specialist Warwick, GB £42,000-£60,000 12 Jul 2024
Warwick, GB £42,000-£60,000
Security & Emergency Operations Officer
Security & Emergency Operations Officer Coventry, GB £41,834 12 Jul 2024
Coventry, GB £41,834
Security & Emergency Operations Officer
Security & Emergency Operations Officer Liverpool, GB £41,834 12 Jul 2024
Liverpool, GB £41,834
Organisation Development Manager
Organisation Development Manager Gaydon, GB £55,000 - £70,000 10 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB £55,000 - £70,000
Early Careers Growth & Development Delivery Manager- 12 MONTH TEMPORARY CONTRACT Coventry, GB £55,000 - £75,000
Electrical & Software Quality Engineer
Electrical & Software Quality Engineer Warwick, GB £51,894.00 £68,000.00 8 Jul 2024
Warwick, GB £51,894.00 £68,000.00
Organisational Effectiveness & Design Senior Consultant
Organisational Effectiveness & Design Senior Consultant Gaydon, GB £45,270 - £60,000 5 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB £45,270 - £60,000
Brand Coordinator
Brand Coordinator Coventry, GB £42,000-£60,000 3 Jul 2024
Coventry, GB £42,000-£60,000
Global Events Coordinator - Part Time 20 hrs / Fixed Term Contract Warwick, GB £36,000
Risk Assurance Manager
Risk Assurance Manager Gaydon, GB £67,884p/a- £85,000p/a 2 Jul 2024
Gaydon, GB £67,884p/a- £85,000p/a
Digital Product Owner - Web
Digital Product Owner - Web Coventry, GB £42,000 - £55,000 2 Jul 2024
Coventry, GB £42,000 - £55,000
Early Careers Cohort Leader
Early Careers Cohort Leader Halewood, GB £36,000 - £42,000 2 Jul 2024
Halewood, GB £36,000 - £42,000
Early Careers Cohort Leader
Early Careers Cohort Leader Coventry, GB £36,000 - £42,000 2 Jul 2024
Coventry, GB £36,000 - £42,000

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