Duration: 2 years

Our singular purpose is to reimagine the future and then to engineer it. It makes for meaningful work that’s always evolving in an environment that is collaborative, open, diverse and dynamic. As a global brand with a wealth of heritage, the scale of our knowledge and expertise informs our ambition. And we are driven. So the scope to take us even further, faster, is unlimited.

Our Engineering graduates don’t just get to define luxury design that is better for the planet. They are designing the future of movement and so, by definition, are the future of movement. We invest in them with an ever-evolving range of training and technology, wrapped up in a collaborative approach to developing their skills and knowledge where career development is decided in consultation.

And that’s not the only thing that we believe is unique about our approach to developing our engineering graduates. We’re social animals too and so everyone is encouraged to network and build the strong relationships that are the foundation of a more powerful career.




In reimagining the future of movement, we’re putting Software Engineers in the driving seat where they can steer advancing technology in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Infotainment or electric propulsion.

Software has rapidly become a key component in our vehicles and has even more potential to deliver the features and functions our customers demand. Our Software Engineers power innovation in automation and infrastructure, while also enabling high quality, reliability and incredible customer experiences through robust design and implementation, advanced validation techniques or by providing tools and processes to enable the engineering teams to work better.

Joining us as a graduate, you’ll work alongside experienced engineers on live projects and with the advanced tools and techniques we use to deliver next-generation automotive experiences.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include Software Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Engineering or other Software focused degree at 2:2 level or higher.



At the heart of everything we do, hardware and mechatronics is essential to creating award-winning luxury vehicles, outstanding customer experiences and the future of movement. They deliver what makes us different: vehicle dynamics and off-road capability. They engineer everything from door systems to headlamps, glazing and seats, and they do it all with detailed execution and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our colleagues here are creative and innovative and they are free to explore the possibilities using cutting-edge technology. Working with them and collaborating widely, you’ll be supported to develop professionally and personally and guided to follow your strengths, whether that’s into electrical, body chassis or component engineering. As a graduate, you can look ahead to a career in Core Engineering, Special Operations or with the Reimagine team.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering or Mechatronics at 2:2 level or higher.



We design the complex electronic systems and their components that enable cutting-edge features such as quality-of-life improvements and assisted and automated driving, shaping experiences that customers love and ensuring reliability, day after day. From day one and across a range of placements and projects, you’ll get hands on with the cutting-edge tools and processes that support design and early validation, deliver premium features and enable consistently high-quality products.

Wherever you join us, you’ll be exposed to multiple stakeholders, developing models, learn from experts and work on the most advanced technologies.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include Systems Engineering, Electronic & Communications Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Cryptography at 2:2 level or higher.



Reimagining the internal combustion engine is just one part of delivering the future of movement. We’re also exploring the huge potential of electrification and how it can meet not only the demands of today’s driver but the needs of tomorrow’s world.

Our propulsion engineering teams are the driving force behind the world class engines, transmissions, drivelines and electric motors of the future. Our graduates will specialise in areas such as concept design and validation, developing electric drive units, developing batteries and energy management. Along the way, you’ll be expertly supported to develop your knowledge, learn with and support your team and become a world class engineer. Succeed here and a role in Core Engineering, Special Operations or with the Reimagine team awaits.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical or Systems Engineering at 2:2 level or higher.


People drive us. So we put them at the heart of our engineering. In Human Factors, our teams apply their knowledge of people, their abilities, characteristics, and limitations to design. We ensure our vehicles offer physical functionality, are psychologically usable and emotionally attractive. So we’re focused on ergonomics, user-interfaces and digital UX, and we work closely with our designers and engineers to deliver customer-first solutions.

It’s a collaborative, innovative environment where you’ll gain technical knowledge as you develop professionally and personally while designing the vehicles of the future.

Degree requirements

Degree requirements include Human Factors, Ergonomics, Human Centred Design, User Experience Design, Psychology and Engineering at 2:2 level or higher.



Apply online

Complete your application by telling us about you and your background. You’ll be screened on meeting the entry requirements for the programme.

Online Application and Psychometric Tests

  • Situational judgement test
  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Diagrammatical reasoning test
  • Match 6.5 personality profiling test

Virtual Technical Presentation

Here we’ll be looking for you to demonstrate your technical knowledge. Ahead of your assessment you’ll be provided with a brief help you prepare.

In our assessment process we will be looking for evidence of key behaviours and characteristics that are important for success in our business. We will share these with you ahead of your assessment to help you prepare.

Face to Face Assessment

  • 90 minute assessment
  • Motivational interview (30 minutes) including reasons to join Jaguar Land Rover and understanding of the industry
  • Behavioural Interview (30 minutes)

In our assessment process we will be looking for evidence of key behaviours and characteristics that are important for success in our business. We will share these with you ahead of your assessment to help you prepare.


Candidates that make it through all the steps successfully will be offered a place on the programme.

Meet our people


Controls and Calibration Engineer

“For me Jaguar Land Rover is the perfect blend of passionate people in a supportive culture, all with a clear aim to change the way the world moves.”

The induction day really set the tone for what it’s like to work here. The presenter on the day told us that more will happen in the automotive industry in the next five years than the last 50 years! I’m an undergraduate on a years’ placement. I’ve only been here for eight weeks, but I’ve seen so much that brings that statement to life. I’ve seen how our commitment to making sure every new Jaguar Land Rover model line will be electrified from 2020 is being brought to life in everything we do.


Women in Engineering Sponsorship Scheme

“I always wanted to work with cars because I wanted to have an impact on how cars interact with society and how we can change the impact we have on the environment.”

The freedom you get here is great. I’ve been encouraged to go and meet new people, explore possibilities and try new things. What I’ve seen here has really opened my eyes. The investment in R&D is incredible. And the level of detail we go into blows my mind. One of my favourite events is the weekly Electrical Graduate Breakfast Forum. This is where apprentices, graduates and undergraduates all get together to talk about the challenges we are working on and share hints and tips. It’s a brilliant networking opportunity and a great way to build your knowledge and career.


All programmes are currently closed for our 2022 intake however you can register your interest below for 2023.



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